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Latest update from the ArchBishop here.

See the top menu option – Resources for Worship at Home – for audio links to services and other ways to help you stay connected with God during this difficult time or when you cannot get out to church.

Further Announcements by Dr. Robert Strang & Premier Stephen McNeil
June 18th, 2020
The following email was received this afternoon from Dr. Robert Strang and will be of particular interest to clergy in Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island has announced that the limits on public gatherings will increase to 50 persons as of June 26.

Dear Religious/Faith Community leaders,
I wanted to make you aware of the announcement made earlier today that increases to 50 the number of people that can gather while maintaining 6 feet of physical distance, including for religious/faith services.
The “household bubble” is being replaced with the ability for groups of up to 10 people to get together without needing physical distance so within the total number of 50 you can have sub-groups of up to 10 people that can be in close contact. We are strongly encouraging people to limit the number of “close social” groups they have and ideally to only have one.

This is a first step to increase people’s ability to worship together and I anticipate further significant steps in the very near future.

You do not have to struggle alone. You can contact the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia which has services available for you: https://www.mentalhealthns.ca

Also available, are online counsellors through BetterHelp: https://www.betterhelp.com And of course you own faith community.

    For those of you wondering how you can continue to support the Parish during this temporary closure – you may contact Alana to set up a Preauthorized Giving plan. Those wishing to continue with their regular offerings, and who are not on PAG, are asked to please leave a message on the office phone and someone will be in touch to advise you how to do this.
There are many resources being offered on-line to help you with worship during this time and Bishop Sue and I will post various items from time to time. Archbishop Ron also offers support through prayer – visit the Diocesan web page to find the links.
Bishop Sue, the Wardens and I continue to hold you all in prayer.
Blessings and stay safe – Rev. Ruby

Please direct any questions to the Parish Office at 902-864-3154 or stjohntheevangelist902@gmail.com

Dear friends,
On Saturday, the Government of Canada launched a dedicated Matching Fund
for the Lebanon crisis that will double the contributions of Canadians and
support the relief work of the members of Canada’s Humanitarian Coalition,
including the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through its membership in the
Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF will be participating in the Humanitarian
Coalition appeal to support people of Lebanon through this crisis.
Please go to the link below to read the update and to donate. Please distribute this message as widely as possible.


Christine Hills
PWRDF Public Engagement Program Officer
416-924-9199 ext 325

How you can support PWRDF other works:

Give directly to PWRDF. It’s easy to give online at pwrdf.org/give-today. To direct a gift to PWRDF’s COVID-19 response, click on Emergency Response on our Give Today page, or call toll-free 1-866-308-7973. We are picking up messages regularly and returning calls promptly. We are reminded to continue our PWRDF blue envelope offerings. Should you wish your PWRDF offerings to be designated specifically for Covid-19, write “Covid-19 projects work” on the outside of the blue envelope.

Here a link to a talk by Dr. David Dean from the Atlantic School of Theology on Why Does God not stop the Corona Virus.

Here is an excellent article/letter (PDF) by Dr. Eileen Scully Director, Faith, Worship and Ministry Anglican Church of Canada March 2020 on our Eucharistic Fast.

How can I help? A pamphlet detailing how you can help with various outreach projects and events happening in the church may be found here.

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