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Worship Services during Phase 4 (at least until Oct.2) remain under limited capacity due to the COVID restrictions of the NS Government. Please contact Jean Stutt by Thursday morning to reserve your seat for either the Sunday 8:30 am or the 10:30 am services. Wednesday evening services have resumed.

Yard Sale: Thank you to all who contributed in any way to make our Sept. 2nd sale a successful one! Funds raised will go towards the PWRDF Solar Suitcase Project and the St. John’s Discretionary Fund.

Beacon House Food Bank: The need is always there for donations. To view a list of the top 10 foods for September, click

Volunteer Needed:  The Pastoral Care Funeral Reception team are looking for a Coordinator.  Currently we do not have anyone in this position and therefore cannot offer funeral receptions.  Please contact one of your Wardens or the office if you are interested.  This is a position that could be shared. Also, anyone who is interested in helping on the funeral team, especially: preparation, serving, cleaning up afterwards etc., please let us know.  This is a very important and valued service in our Parish.

PWRDF – The campaign for solar suitcases (cost of $5800 each) will run to the end of September. These will be used in clinics and house calls in Mozambique, where stable electricity does not exist, largely for the birth of children. We will be raising funds along with the other churches in the Fort Sackville Region. A generous donor has offered to match all donations to the Light for Every Birth project, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. Funds must be donated by September 30, 2021. Visit the Light for Every Birth page at

Confirmation: For persons 15 years of age or older who wish to be confirmed, please contact the Parish Office at (902) 864-3154.

Stewardship Corner:

“The first step in stewardship is receiving. Accepting all of the abundance God heaps upon us.  It takes time, attention, and faith to receive even a portion of all that God wants to give to us.  It also takes courage.  Abundance is not for the faint hearted.  Receiving and acceptance lead to giving, a thankful  response to all that God is given to us.  This does  not mean this is easy.  It is, however, joyful and  increasingly liberating.  It flies in the face of every message we receive from our culture but gives us more glimpses of the kingdom.  Ultimately it makes us different.  As one young vestry member said, “What you are talking about, Stewardship, is more than just giving money to the church.  You’re saying people have to change the way they live!”  – from “Stewardship is Responding to the Good News of God.”

Meetings coming up:

  • September 22, 7 pm Holy Communion
  • September 26, 2 pm Parish Council

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