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Columbarium – For information on the new columbarium for the

Church has resumed but with limited capacity due to the COVID restrictions of the NS Government. Please contact Jean Stutt by Thursday morning to reserve your seat for either the Sunday 8:30am or the 10:30 am service or the Wednesday 7pm Service, all in the church. The fourth Sunday of the month we will meet in the Hall as has been our custom. We will continue to offer prerecorded, online weekly worship which will be made available via email.

Beacon House Food Bank: Need is always there for non-perishable food, hygiene items and baby food and supplies.

PWRDF – We ask for your support of the St Jude’s Project supporting families and food sustainability in the world. Please note “St Jude’s Project” on your PWRDF envelope. Campaign ends June 30. We would like to be able to send $500.00 so if you have been thinking about it, and just have not got to it yet, in the next month would be great!

As you know there was a major volcano eruption in the Caribbean and PWRDF is accepting donations to aid in this disaster.  Please click on the link below which will take you to the Diocesan webpage for details if you are able to help. You may also make donations using your blue envelopes and making on them  “Volcano relief in St. Vincent”.

Gifts in Kind: Many members of the Parish often purchase materials for a project and then submit the receipt for those items asking they become part of their annual donation rather than have a cash reimbursement. Revenue Canada requires a form be completed to accompany these receipts which acknowledges that no cash reimbursement is required as you wish it to be added to your annual donation to the church. These forms are available in the Parish Office or at the back of the church and when completed, given to the Envelope Secretary (Alana). We thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Diocesan Net News: Sign up for informative news on what is happening in our Diocese. Just go to the Diocesan webpage; , then at the bottom of the Home page is a place to sign up for Netnews.

Thinking of becoming confirmed? It is recommended that candidates be 15 years of age or older. If interested please speak to Rev. Ruby.

Virtual Walk-a-Thon to Kugaaruk, NU

Each year the ACW of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island chooses an outreach project.  St. John the Evangelist Mothers’ Union supports their efforts. This year the project is to send school supplies to remote Northern communities. We have been paired with the community of Kugaaruk, NU, 3033 km away.

We have sent 15 kg of school supplies.  We had asked if there are specific supplies that were needed to ensure the children at the school would receive the best value for our efforts. Inside sneakers (for gym class) and non-perishable food for snacks are needed.

Donations of school supplies and gently used sneakers continue to be received. Members of Mothers’ Union have decided to have Virtual Walk-A-Thon to raise money for shipping of the supplies. We are tracking the kilometers we walk and are hoping to collectively & virtually walk the 3033 km from Lower Sackville to Kugaaruk, NU by August 15.  Please, consider sponsoring this worth while effort.  We are hoping to continue this relationship with annual shipments to the school.

Donations made via (see donate button on our website) will receive a tax deductible donation.

 Book Club: We have finished meeting till fall. Now begins the time to select the books for next session. Email Alana with your suggestions by July 15 if interested.

Stewardship Corner: Ways to support the Parish of St. John the Evangelist:

            Volunteer your time – tasks large or small, indoors or outdoors…
            Volunteer your talent – e.g. woodworking, music, office skills, gardening…
            Offer your money
          General Church Ministry – donations through Offering envelopes, Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG), or Canada  Helps – pays for the operation of, and the ministry done by, the Parish.
         Memorial Fund – monetary donation in memory of loved one who has died.
         Stained Glass Fund – donation to purchase or maintain stained glass windows. 
         Building Maintenance Fund – donation to contribute to ongoing upkeep of our buildings. 
        Discretionary Fund – donation for Rector’s use to assist those in need

Thank you to all of you who contribute to the ministry of St. John the Evangelist by supporting the ministry of the Parish in so many ways! .

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