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Columbarium – For information on the new columbarium for the Church Cemetery, including purchase prices, click here.

Beacon House Food Bank: Need is always there for non-perishable food, hygiene items and baby food and supplies.

Book Club: This month: Parable of the Brown Girl by. We meet May 23, at 7pm via Zoom.

PWRDF – We ask for your support of the St Jude’s Project supporting families and food sustainability in the world. Please note “St Jude’s Project” on your PWRDF envelope. Campaign ends June 30. We would like to be able to send $500.00 so if you have been thinking about it, and just have not got to it yet, in the next month would be great!

As you know there was a major volcano eruption in the Carribean and PWRDF is accepting donations to aid in this disaster.  Please click on the link below which will take you to the Diocesan webpage for details if you are able to help. You may also make donations using your blue envelopes and making on them  “Volcano relief in St. Vincent”.

Diocesan Net News: Sign up for informative news on what is happening in our Diocese. Just go to the Diocesan webpage; , then at the bottom of the Home page is a place to sign up for Netnews.

Next Takeout: June 26th – Cold plate $10 or Baked Beans $5. Call Sheila King to order beginning the end of May. Net proceeds to go toward new steps for the Church.

 Thinking of becoming confirmed? It is recommended that candidates be 15 years of age or older. If interested please speak to Rev. Ruby.

Outreach: Members of the Sew and Tell have been busy knitting, especially Maureen. Help with this winter outreach project by assisting in the knitting of hats, mitts and scarves, or donating wool to the knitters. Hang on to your donations until we are able to meet again, or contact Maureen.

Bible Study has wound up for the spring session.  We used the book, “Anxious for Nothing” by Max Lucado. There is one copy of the book if someone would like to purchase it at $22.00. Bible Study will resume in September. Stewardship Corner:               What can we give to our God who has given us everything? The magnitude of the gift of God in Jesus, the Son, sinks induring Holy Week. At Christmas, there is the amazing reality of God coming among us in the flesh. That particular baby, Son of God, son of Mary, offershope, joy, new life – bright, positive images. We can eagerly embrace this beautiful baby. In Holy Week, the reality that God came among us, becomes realin dark and difficult images. The few who acknowledged Him and loved Him stand in contrast to the many who cursed and rejected Him. The willingness to          empty Himself so that we might be forgiven and live includes suffering and death. These we do not so willingly embrace. Yet these will be part of all our lives.

 We are challenged to respond to God’s incredible gifts in some way.

 “And here we offer and present unto thee, O Lord, ourselves, our souls and bodies…”The gift of ourselves, freely given, that is what we can give to our God who has given us everything.

Also available, are online counsellors through BetterHelp: And of course you own faith community.

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