Visioning and Planning Committee

The Visioning and Planning Committee, works to research and make recommendations to Parish Council on:
1. Medium and long, term real property needs
2. Building requirements and opportunities (e.g. solar power)
3. Land use options (including the Cemeteries as appropriate)
4. Financing options (for a and b above and others as appropriate)
5. All of the above in relation to current and future Parish and community ministries and outreach programs and needs.”

The committee also works to address the impact of HRM building guidelines, now in effect, for all public buildings.

The Committee is interested in:
a. Meeting with resource people whose knowledge and skills may assist with researching ideas for the benefit of the Parish and local and other communities in need of support.
b. Ways to ‘green’ Parish facilities and events and be more sustainable.
c. Ways to use its’ facilities to the benefit of the Parish and Community groups.
d. Ways to improve accessibility especially for the Church building.
e. Ways to encourage Parish members and the community, where appropriate, to help define, develop and strengthen the faith community and ministries that utilize the talents and faith of the Parish.