Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team is led by our Priest in Charge,  Licensed Lay Ministers and Music Director.

Rector –  Rev. Ruby Carter

Rev Ruby

Honorary Assistant: Rt. Rev. Sue Moxley

Sue smiling

Licensed Lay Minister – Maxine Simpkin


Licensed Lay Minister – Bruce Moxley

    Bruce and Sue - New Year's Eve at the Cunard Centre - DEc. 31, 2018 – Version 2       

Music Director – Jacalyn Roy


This team works with the Altar Guild, Eucharistic Ministers, Choir and Servers to provide a meaningful worship experience. Bible study and service, outreach to the community and support of international aid all prepare us to do God’s work in the world.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the governing body that oversees the life, worship and governance of the Parish. It regularly evaluates the overall life of the Parish, recommends ideas for effective ministries, and carries out such duties as imposed on it by the Anglican Church Act, Constitution and Canons of the Diocese.

Parish Council meetings are held at a pre-appointed time and date, normally once in each calendar month, except July and August. Meetings are open to the congregation. Members of the Parish Council may be nominated or volunteer. The council consists of the Rector or incumbent serving the Parish and each clergy member canonically appointed by the Bishop. Parish Council Officers include the Wardens, Treasurer, Envelope Secretary and Recording Secretary. Parish Council also includes up to nine members at large, elected at the Annual Meeting, and/or appointed by the Parish Council.

Parish Ministries

Altar Guild
Catering Committee
Cemetery Committee
Family Ministry & Godly Play
Communication Committee
Men’s Fellowship
Mothers’ Union
Parish Outreach
Pastoral Care
Property Committee
Sew and Tell
Spiritual Education Committee
Visioning and Planning
Ways and Means